3M Organic Vapour Monitoring Passive Badges 3500 Series


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The 3M™ Diffusion Monitor is a sampling device which works by air diffusion and is designed to measure average concentrations of certain contaminants over a measured time interval.

There is no need for ‘active’ air monitoring equipment such as sampling pumps, filter holders etc and the ‘Badges’ are very acceptable to the wearers.  They may however require more careful analytical techniques.

3M Passive Badges can be used for either personal or area monitoring.

As a personal monitor, it is worn near the breathing zone of individuals exposed to potentially hazardous environments.

When used as an area monitor, hang it away from walls, corners, table tops, or other regions where the air movement in the room may be limited.

The 3M 3500 series consists of 4 individual Passive ‘Badge’ Options

  • 3M™ 3500 Organic Vapour Monitor
  • 3M™ 3520 Organic Vapour Monitor with back-up section
  • 3M™ 3551 Ethylene Oxide Monitor (currently unavailable)
  • 3M™ 3721 Formaldehyde Monitor (currently unavailable)

The 3M 3500 Passive Badge leaflet can be downloaded here: 3M 3500 Usage and Descriptive Leaflet

LEVShop’s “User Instructions” can be downloaded here: 3M_3500_Instructions

Basic generic information and guidance on Exposure Monitoring – Air Sampling is contained in HSE guidance leaflet G409


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