ATEX Digital Manometer



ATEX certificated manometer

DGP200ULIS     0-100mbar  (0 – 10,000 Pa)  suitable for most normal duct measurements

NOTE #1:  The display scale cannot be set to Pascals (Pa) – the instruments are only available reading mbar.  Conversion is easy though as 1mbar = 100 Pascals

NOTE #2:  These units are supplied with a protective rubber sleeve/case.

These instruments are certified for use in flammable or explosive atmospheres. Their tough construction makes them extremely durable and therefore functional, not only in hazardous atmospheres but also hostile working environments.  Certified by BASEEFA, the UK’s leading Intrinsic Safety approvals house, the units are classified as EEx ia IIC T4.

Selectable “Lo” or “Hi” resolution reading range as required. (See below):

Instrument Type  P200ULIS
“Lo” Range  0-19.99mbar (0 – 2,000Pa)
“Hi” Range  0-100mbar (0 – 10,000Pa)
Maximum Over-Pressure  1000mbar (100,000Pa)

Instrument Accuracy
From -10oC to 50oC – 0.15%rdg + 0.15%fs + 1digit


If you require a calibration certificate (see option on drop-down menu) – it will take between 5-10 working days to prepare.


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