Hire Casella MicroDust Pro (MkII) Real Time Dust Monitor

From: £150.00

One of the best Real Time Dust monitoring instruments.  This is the MKII unit which has a mono screen and is very straightforward to set up and use.

Comes complete with pumped head adaptor which permits gravimetric TWA monitoring to be undertaken in parallel and also to cross calibrate the unit against the actual dust characteristics of the workplace (requires Casella APEX – or equivalent pump – which is not supplied).


Measuring Range   0.001 to 2500 mg/m3 over 4 ranges

  • 0 to 2.5 mg/m3
  • 0 to 25 mg/m3
  • 0 to 250 mg/m3
  • 0 to 2500 mg/m3

Resolution is 0.001 mg/m3

User Manual/Full Specification can be downloaded here:-  880-Manual.pdf

Note:- Pre-Paid Return Courier option available (see below under ‘Returns’)

Available for hire to UK addresses only

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