EX-DEMO Fluke 922 Electronic Manometer



EX-DEMO Fluke 922 Manometer in mint condition.  Comes with full 12m warranty (see image of unit)

2 options – with or without new Calibration Certificate (select below) but note – only one unit available.

One of THE industry standard Digital Manometers for pairing with a Pitot tube for Duct traverse measurements (in Pascals or direct in m/s).

I particularly like the rubber casing which will give it a fair degree of protection (and protection for your investment!) in the event of being dropped.

It’s made by Fluke so the standard of build and accuracy are both excellent.  Comes complete with a soft carry pouch, manual and batteries.

Technical stuff:-

Air Pressure
Range/Resolution/Accuracy             ± 4000 Pascals / 1 Pascal / ± 1 % + 1 Pascal
Air Velocity
Range/Resolution/Accuracy             1 to 80 m/s / 0.001 m/s / ± 2.5 % of reading at 10.00 m/s



If you require a calibration certificate (see option on drop-down menu) – it will take between 5-10 working days to prepare.


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