Ex-Demo TSI LCA301 Rotating Vane Anemometer



We have 2 (now only 1) of these Ex-Demo (light use) Airflow LCA301s

Comes complete with soft pouch, cal cert (valid to 18th Apr 2023) – and 6m warranty.

New price is currently £440 (+VAT) so very useful savings on new.

These have been my personal choice of Rotating Vane for several years.  Light weight,  accurate, robust, and simple to use Rotating Vane Anemometer.

Full Tech Spec/User Manual here:- TSI_LCA301

Features and Benefits

  • Reversible 100 mm head allows readings at supply and extract grilles
  • Calculates volumetric flow rate
  • No density correction factors required
  • Automatic averaging of air velocity


In stock

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