Hire Casella APEX Pro Basic Kit (2 Sampling Pumps)

From: £110.00

The Apex Pro (starter) Kit by Casella contains 2 personal sampling pump. 

The kit comes complete with a flow Rotameter

You may select one of the following sampling head options in the kit:-

  • 2 x 25mm IOM Total Inhalable Dust (TID) collecting heads
  • 2 x IOM Respirable Cyclone heads
  • 2 x Low Flow adaptors for tubes (carbon/Tenax etc)

At checkout – leave note on which option of heads is preferred (alternatively email bill@inventys.co.uk).  If no comment made it will be assumed that the 2 x 25mm IOM TID heads are required.

0.2 – 5l/min

The full APEX Plus pumps specification can de downloaded here: APEX Pro Manual

Note:- Hirer is responsible for return carriage costs however a Pre-Paid Return Courier option is available (see below under ‘Returns’)

Note: The hire equipment does not include collection media (such as pre-weighed filters, carbon tubes etc) or analysis of collected samples.  We can provide guidance on these items and labs for analysis if required.


  • Please carefully inspect equipment for missing items/damage on arrival.
  • If delivery case/packaging is damaged – do not accept from courier.
  • Report any issues prior to use.
  • Renter is responsible for return carriage.


This item – Available for hire to UK addresses only

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