Hire HT9600 Particle Counter

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Simple to use and set up – this instrument is ideal for conducting checks, eg at LEV TExTs, on break-through levels at outlets of recirculating dust filters.

This is an ‘Indicative’ monitor – but it will show very effectively if there is any significant break-through occurring.  It will also provide generic indications of the levels of PM10 and PM2.5 at break-through.

We would still use our Casella CEL-712 for occupational hygiene monitoring projects ….. but the HT9600 …. has so many practical applications – and, as indicated, – especially for filter breakthrough checking.  The instruction leaflet asserts that error margin is <20%.  In our field trials with this unit it appears to be well within that margin.

Has 2 chanels which run in parallel; PM10 and PM2.5.

Do bear in mind that the display is in μg/m3 so you need to divide by 1000 to get mg/m3.

Also measures Temperature and Humidity.

Technical Specification:
– Air quality detection: PM2.5 Pm10
– Range: (0-1000ug/m3 )
– Concentration unit: ug/cubic meter (ug/m3)
– Detection sensitivity: 1ug
– Measurement error: < ±20%
– Three-channel dust particle counter: 0.3um 2.5um 10um
– Flowrate: 1L/min
– Sampling principle: light scattering

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  • Report any issues prior to use.
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