Instrument Case IP67 (Large)


High impact injection moulded water resistant cases for the safe storage of LEV instruments and/or equipment.

This case comes as a rugged, heavy-duty with extra protection surrounding the hinges and easy-open latches. Neoprene seal around the inside of the lid ensures that the cases are completely water resistant and feature a pressure equalising valve.  It will take all the knocks and bumps in the field – great favourite for that reason with LEV Engineers.

Features a comfortable folding handle and twin padlock points.

Two pieces of wave foam and two perforated foam inlays allow the user to create a secure and customised fit for contents. IP67 Rated.

Ext Size:  20 x 51 x 40 cm (approx)

Example set-up below (of course instruments not included :-))

A second layer of foam is included which sits on top of the instruments providing additional shock protection (can be seen on bottom photo).

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