Swinnex Sampling Heads – Casella Bare Head & HSE Modified Complete Sets



Standard or Modified Swinnex Welding Fume collection heads can be purchased below.

HSE’s preferred collection heads for determining ‘In Visor’ exposures to Welding Fume in some situations and for monitoring Solder Fume (Colophony) exposures are the modified heads as shown in the photographs below.

For the modified heads – the standard Swinnex heads have been fitted with a precision engineered aluminium inlet nozzle/port.  The accompanying headset holder has a flexible arm to permit poistioning in the breathing zone inside a visor without disrupting the operator or the process.

Costs below are per unit.

Recommend set pump sample collection flow at 0.75 – 1.0 l/min

Pre-weighed 13mm MCE filters are available with analytical options of Gravimetric, Welding Fume Suite or Colophony (solder fume) from IOM Consulting Limited, Research Avenue North, Riccarton, Edinburgh  EH14 4AP; Tel 0131 449 8059.  Contact Steve Clark, Mineralogy Section Manager.

HSE’s Research Report RR753 “In Visor Testing” can be downloaded here: HSE RR753


Available in 3 options:

  • Bare Casella type Swinnex plastic head with the standard plastic screw thread syringe-style connector
  • Swinnex head machine modified with precision Aluminium entry port (no headset/tubing)
  • Full HSE style kit with precision aluminium entry port, headset and connector tubing

Can be purchased as a full unit with all connections, as a machined head adapted bare head or as a standard (unmodified) Swinnex holder  (see drop-down menu options below)


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