USED Castle Sonus B Personal Exposure Meters (set of 4)



Set of 4 USED Castle Sonus B Personal Exposure Meters (Model GA257B) with Castle GA601 Class 2 Sound Level Calibrator.  All in excellent condition and come with 6m warranty.

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The Castle GA257B SONUS Industrial Dosemeter is an advanced personal noise exposure meter designed to monitor the sound exposure of employees at work in accordance with the Noise at Work Regulations 1989. It can measure sound from 75dB to 140dB at frequencies between 20Hz and 8kHz. The meter is capable of measuring sound exposure (LEpd) and peak (Zpeak) simultaneously and can also give readings for projected LEpd over an eight-hour exposure. Dose is provided as a percentage and as dose-per-hour whilst actual sound pressure readings can be shown in either decibels or Pa2h.

Frequency weighting is set at A but the criterion level and exchange level are user-adjustable. The one-line, eight-digit screen shows readings clearly and can also show time elapsed, battery level and overload warnings. Operation is undertaken via the simple push-button interface and the 12-hour battery life is perfect for monitoring personal noise exposure over an entire at work. As a SONUS meter, the Castle GA257B is very compact and sturdy enough to withstand the knocks of day-to-day use in industrial environments and complies with regulations such as IEC 61252-1:1993. A pocket clip allows an employee to carry the dosemeter throughout his/her working day.

Key Features

  • Measuring range: 75dB to 140dB
  • Max linear range: 67dB
  • Frequency range: 20Hz to 8kHz
  • Integrated sound level exposure
  • Peak, dose, dose per hour, projected dose
  • Adjustable criterion level and exchange rate
  • Meets Noise at Work Regulations 1989
  • Simultaneous average and peak measurement
  • 12-hour battery life

The Castle GA601 Class 2 Sound Level Calibrator allows the user to ensure accuracy in his/her sound level meters. This single level calibrator give out a 94dB calibration tone with a frequency of 1000Hz at the microphone. Any Class 2 sound level meter can be inserted into the 1/2” cavity in order to be calibrated before and after a measurement is taken. The calibrator complies with IEC60942:2003 Sound Calibrators, Class 2/C standard and has a 70-hour battery life.

Key Features

  • Class 2 calibration
  • Calibration tone volume: 94dB
  • Calibration tone frequency: 1000Hz
  • Cavity diameter: 1/2”
  • Battery life: 70 hours

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