ACGIH LEV Design Manual 30th Ed and Operations/Maintenance Manual (2nd Ed)



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Since the 26th Edition, this industry standard LEV Manual has undergone several major changes and upgrades

Additions include chapters on – “Organization and Evaluation of Systems”; “Metric Solutions and Tables”; and “Calculation Sheets and Methods”.

This (2019) 30th Edition, incorporates changes in many of the chapters and conceptual figures that include Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD).  These have been added for clarification and present a simpler understanding of airflow patterns.

The 30th edition incorporates a new control concept for Vacuum Extraction on Welding Torches (LVHV) to complement the four new conceptual design strategies found in the 29th Edition.

Also Now Available – Limited Stock – “ACGIH Manual of Recommended Practice – Operations and Maintenance”

Intended as a companion to the 26th and future editions of Industrial Ventilation: A Manual of Recommended Practice for Design. Some of the highlights of this manual include:

  • Guidance and training information for personnel with responsibilities for the acquisition, operation, and maintenance of industrial ventilation systems.
  • Discussion of key points regarding effective operation and maintenance for industrial ventilation systems and identification of why many ventilation systems fail to deliver the expected employee protection.
  • Tools that allow management and employees to deliver the desired employee protection with well-designed systems (assuming that site management sets clear expectations and responsibilities within its organization for industrial ventilation system results).
  • Discussion of acquisition and operation of an industrial ventilation system from developing the initial design requirements to successful system maintenance and operation that keep the system within design parameters.

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