Air Trace Concept MK2 – Smoke Generator


Concept Air Trace MK2 – Hand held Smoke Machine

  • 12v DC operation (battery operated)
  • 1 second warm up time
  • Smooth, low output, ideal for tracing local airflow patterns
  • Complete with carry case, battery, extension spout, charger & 500ml of Smoke Fluid
  • Switch mode charger (will charge from a 110v / 230v)

The Air Trace Concept MK2 is perfect if you require a small volume of smoke – for example for testing containment at a fume cupboard or other partial enclosure.  It is available in two models, the standard Air Trace comes in an enamelled orange finish.  The Air Trace S variant is manufactured in stainless steel to cater for cleanrooms & controlled environments.

Both units are capable of producing a steady stream of smoke for up to 15-20 minutes from a fully charged battery, or you can use the Air Trace continuously if connected to a mains adapter.

The Air Trace units can also be used with the optional accessory – a distribution pipe adaptor (Air Concept Extension Rake) which is ideal for visualising airflows into, for example, fume cupboards (see photo).

The rake extension unit can be purchased here:- Extension Rake


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