Captor Hood Assessment/Testing – Fletcher’s Excel Spreadsheet


Very useful spreadsheet to do all the hard work in resolving Fletcher’s Equations for Captor Hoods. Free to download.  –  Simply add to basket and – Checkout.  After Checking Out – you will have a download link.



This simple (free to download) Excel spreadsheet ‘crunches’ Fletchers Equations and allows you to do the following, very quickly, simply ….. and accurately:-

  • Determine the Hood Entry Velocity (Face Velocity)required at a Captor Hood (eg welding hood) if you know the hood shape and size, the captor velocity required and the Captor Distance required


  • Calculate the Captor Distance (eg of a welding hood)  if you know the Face Velocity at the Hood, the Hood shape and size and the Captor Velocity required


  • The Captor Velocity which will be achieved at any given Captor Distance if you know the Hood Face Velocity and the hood shape and size


To download simply “Add to Basket”.  Then go to Checkout for the free download.

Don’t forget we also offer a free App version of these spreadsheets for your mobile phone.  Simply go to your App Store, search for OXYL8 and then download the app for free 🙂