USED Testo 545 Light Meter


Used Testo 545 Light Meter with 3 months warranty

£475 new.  Bargain!!

The testo 545 lux meter for natural and artificial light comes with a permanently attached light sensor that allows you to measure the light intensity in the workplace, offices, schools and hospitals both quickly and reliably.

Optional data logger cable not included.  What is included is as shown on image.

  • Multi-point or timed mean calculation
  • Stores up to 99 file locations
  • Logger function (3000 readings)
  • Fast documentation on site on the Testo printer
  • Measuring site management with optional software: up to 99 measuring sites available
  • Precise light intensity readings in lux
  • Large memory for up to 3 000 readings
  • Selective or time-based averaging


In stock

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