Draeger Smoke Tube Kit (glass/acid tubes)


Possibly one of the most commonly used small scale smoke producing kits.

The Draeger Air-Flow Tester Kit comes in a handy carrying box.  The kit includes an aspirator (puffer) bulb, air-flow test tubes (10x p/n CH25301) and sealing caps.

This product is deemed to be hazardous – as it reacts with moisture in the air to produce an chemical/acid.

Cannot normally be used in food or pharmaceutical industries.


NOTE:  OUT of STOCK.  We are having trouble importing these from Germany – for the reasons given below.  Currently trying to find an alternative shipping carrier and hopefully will be able to offer these kits again soon.  

We can only ship these units within UK at the moment as carriers are refusing to ship overseas.  Sorry for any inconvenience

We do still have the packs of tubes in stock.

Out of stock

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