Draeger Glass Smoke Tubes (Pk 10)


Probably the most commonly used small scale smoke release units in the LEV testing sector.  When opened to the air they produce controllable (by a puffer bulb …. not included) fuming sulphuric acid smoke.

Care needs to be taken during disposal when used as when empty as they will still contain traces of acid and the ends of the tube will present broken glass edges.

As an alternative – look at the MicroFooger small scale fog machines which use a glycol-based (relatively harmless) liquid.

The pack here is a replacement tube pack (it does not contain the puffer bulb)

Drager tubes produce a visible aerosol plume of white smoke when the ends of the glass tube are opened. A simple puffer bulb pushes air through the tube to propel the smoke into the ambient air. Even the most gentle air currents are made visible. If the test is completed before all the smoke is used the tube can be sealed using the rubber cap provided.

Product is also available as a kit complete with:- 10 smoke tubes, rubber stop caps and a rubber hand bulb for creating the aerosol plume.

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NOTE:  We can only ship these units within UK at the moment as carriers are refusing to ship overseas.  Sorry for any inconvenience

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