Smoke Machine Cleaning Fluid (250ml)



For professional Fog machines – such as our H1200 or the M-FOG 2500 we do recommend that you use a cleaner after every use.  It is especially important to use a cleaner if you are not going to be using the fog machine for a few days (or longer).

Regular use of a cleaner ensures that residues do not build up on the heating element.

  • VOC (CH): 0,00%
  • Contents: 250 ml
  • Made in Germany
  • Keep away from Children and protect exposed skin (always read the safety instructions)

Recommended usage:

  • Use only in well-ventilated areas or outdoors
  • Insert the suction hose of the fog machine into the bottle with the cleaner
  • Heat up the fog machine and fog with this cleaner for approximately 20 seconds
  • Put the suction hose of the machine back into the fog fluid tank and run again for approximately 20 seconds (for rinsing of the line)

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