Fluke “Contactless” Fan Direction Indicator

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Best ‘find’ of 2017.  A simple well made instrument which will show you the direction of rotation of the fan motor – all with no need to actually ‘touch’ the motor, the fan … or the wiring!

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Built by Fluke – so quality and accuracy is a given!  A great favourite of mine – and my preferred version of the Phase Rotation tester genre.

I often struggled to check the fan/motor direction to ensure that the phases have been correctly connected – lost of curses and cable ties :-).   These units require no physical contact with the motor, fan or wiring!!

Remember –  apparently in the UK around 8% of centrifugal fans running backwards …. and importantly ….. when the do – they still draw air in the correct direction (but only draw about 40-60% of design flow).

It is an essential part of every TExT examination to check that the fan is actually turning in the correct direction.

Simply lay the Fluke unit along the axis of the fan motor (maybe 50-80mm away and in line) – press the button …. and Bingo! … the rotational direction is indicated.  No need to attach cables/leads or use the dreaded cable ties.

Technical stuff:-

The unique Fluke 9062 provides rotary field and motor rotation indication with the benefits of contact-less detection. Purpose made for commercial and industrial environments, the Fluke 9062 provides rapid indication of rotation on synchronous and asynchronous 3 phase motors.

The contact-less detection is ideal for use on motors where the shaft is not visible.

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