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Easier to Fit. The Chevron LEV monitor can be fitted either to the duct or to a suitable surface or structure using banding, self-tapping screws, nuts and bolts or any way you prefer. It only weighs 130g including batteries, so lightweight fittings can be used. Once in place, the Chevron is tamper-proof, and the case cannot be opened. You can easily extend the tubing using the supplied adaptor and put the Chevron up to 10 metres away, and it will work just as well!

Easier to calibrate. You only need one type of Chevron. You don’t need to know the static pressure inside the duct. As long as it’s sufficient to pull air at a high enough extraction speed, the Chevron will monitor the pressure and react accordingly. A simple calibration procedure is carried out, with the unit in situ, when you know the airflow is correct. There is no need to open the Chevron’s case to do this, so calibration is a breeze.

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The Chevron LEV Monitor is bright orange, so is highly visible and attention-grabbing, and has a continuously moving display to indicate either adequate or insufficient airflow. The user has no difficulty reading the display with just a glance. If the fan fails, or the duct gets damaged, or if a blockage reduces the duct airflow, the Chevron will tell you – unambiguously.

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The Chevron is priced very competitively and can be re-calibrated quickly and as often as you need, so you save time and money.

In-Line Filters

Some installers prefer to fit an in-line filter between the Chevron and the duct to prevent contamination eventually entering the Chevron instrument.
The filters below measure 106mm x 35mm max and can be purchased from the drop-down menu below.

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Chevron, In-Line Filter