Swift AirFlow Monitors


The Swift next generation colour LED electronic LEV airflow indicator!! Displays instantly if the LEV is functioning correctly. See HSE Guidance Note HSG258 p32

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Next generation colour LED electronic airflow indicator!!

It displays instantly if the LEV is functioning correctly.

HSE advises the fitting of hood indicators (see HSE Guidance Note HSG258 p32).

• LEV preset at + – < > 20% of the calibration point, the Swift will visually show via Green arrows or a Red cross X to identify inadequate airflow.
• Dual pressure monitoring points which recognise both increase and decrease in static pressure.
• Displays air temperature on the colour LED.
• Can be powered either by mains power using supplied 2 metre 5-volt USB lead + plug or 8 x AA batteries which are also supplied.
• Low battery warning indicator.
• Remote to turn on/off and to calibrate the Swift airflow indicator, CR2032 battery fited.
• Clear indication of connection to Swift monitor via Green tick on display.

The Swift + has the following additional features.

Text alerts up to 5 users:-

1) If airflow is inadequate a Red cross X is displayed.
2) If temperature is higher than preset limit of 40°C the reading will turn Red.
3) Low battery warning.
4) Text will notify which Swift unit sent alert.