Professional Smoke Machine – M-Fog 2500 High Volume 2500W



This is a professional German-built unit.

Ideal for checking the Clearance Time of enclosures such as Paint Spray rooms.

This heavy duty machine, the M-Fog 2500 is capable of producing around 470m3/min of good quality (non-toxic) smoke.

NOT to be confused with some other cheaper smoke machines (aimed at DJ/Disco/Party market) which will not produce a continuous, reliable supply of smoke and then only in short bursts.

Note#1 – Cheaper to buy 5l containers of fluid at same time (saves postage) – see here for details:- Fog Fluids

Note#2 – We also recommend that your Fog Machine be cleaned after every use (to remove residues from the heating element) and especially so if the machine is not going to be used for several days.  Fog Machine Cleaner


DMX M-Fog 2500 Machine

  • The new M-Fog series is a range of professional fog machines in different performance classes
  • All M-Fog machines can be controlled via DMX 512 (3 channels) or simply by using the multifunction remote control (included)
  • The extremely robust housing makes the M-Fog fog machines the perfect fogger for most high output/heavy duty LEV and FX applications
  • Includes detachable multifunction remote control (cable length: 2.70 m – not extendable)
  • Heating element power: 2,500 W
  • Warm-up time: approx. 10 minutes
  • Fluid tank capacity: 6 l
  • Fog output: approx. 470 m³ / minute
  • Control: DMX-512 (3 channels)
  • Safety switch for fog fluid
  • Electronic temperature control
  • Fluid consumption – approx 75ml/min

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