3M 3500 Vapour Monitor Badge


3M™ Monitor Badges are lightweight devices that collect gas and airborne contaminants in the workplace.

The badges are made from a plastic housing that contains a permeable, absorbent membrane which can be lab tested.

A variety of substances can be sampled on a single badge at the same time, helping you assess the exposure level of the gases and vapours in your workplace.

These devices assist in the assessment and measurement of workplace contaminants, both personal and background. Simply attach them to the subject’s collar – the contaminant diffuses through the permeable membrane where it’s collected by the active absorbent. The sample can then be sent separately to an independent laboratory for analysis.

The concentration level in the air is calculated based on the quantity absorbed into the monitor badge in relation to the exposure time.

They’re designed for monitoring a broad range of organic vapours or specific contaminants, and various substances can be tested from the same badge. They’re light in weight and have a storage life of up to 18 months, providing they are kept in a dry, cool place with no vapours in the atmosphere.

  • Detect a broad range of organic vapours, gas or specific airborne contaminants in the workplace atmosphere
  • Various substances can be sampled on a single badge at the same time
  • Lightweight
  • Can be stored for up to 18 months
  • Analysis not included
  • HSE’s MDHS 88 Guide Download Here
  • HSE’s MDHS 104 Guide Download Here






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