MicroFogger 2 – Hose Attachments


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It is always recommended that you try to use the MicroFogger in an upright position.

However, there may be occasions when you want to direct the smoke output in a downwards/sideways direction, or to incorporate the unit into a prop.

For these situations we recommend this simple attachment which allows a small bore hose to be connected to your MicroFogger to direct the smoke produced in any direction, whether it be for airflow testing or prop-making purposes.

Simply screw it onto the threads located on the end of your MicroFogger and plug it into your hose (a 30cm length of silicone hose is included to get you started).  If you extend the length of the hose we recommend that this is no longer than 3m.

There are 2 versions of the Hose Attachment.

Version #1  suitable for hoses with an internal diameter of 4mm

Version #2 suitable for hoses with an internal diameter of 6mm


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