MicroFogger – Control Cable Accessory


This control cable will allow you to remotely re-charge the battery and also trigger the MicroFogger via its USB port.

This can be particularly useful when building costumes and props as well as when you need to interface the MicroFogger with a 3rd party micro-controller such as an Arduino or Raspberry Pi.

Please note that this is an advanced item and does require some degree of technical ability to ensure it functions correctly.  Technical instructions on the correct procedure for initiating this accessory are contained in the MF2/MF3 Lite Manual.

Note however that damage caused to the unit by improper wiring of this accessory will not be covered by the warranty.


Available as a DOWN or UP orientation/arrangement (see photos below.  Select from the order drop down box which variant you would like to purchase.

NEWS!  We now have 1.5m DOWN Control cables available (see drop-down menu)


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