MicroFogger – Rake Attachments & Circular Diffusers



When used with the MicroFogger this simple Rake Attachment produces a series of smoke fingers – parallel laminar smoke air streams.
Available as individual components or as KITs:-

KIT Option 1RAKE plus HOSE – a screw connector to the MF unit and a short section of silicone hose (Rake, screw connector and hose provided in kit – see image below left)

KIT Option 2 RAKE plus Loc-Line compatible kit for use with segmented Loc-Line sections (Rake, Loc-Line adaptor and section of Loc-Line provided in kit – see image below right).

In both options the brass connecter screws onto the MF2/MF3 base unit and the silicone hose or short section of Loc-Line segments connect from that to the base of the Rake.


KIT Option 3CIRC Diffuser + Loc-Line (kit includes the Loc-Line adaptor and short section of Loc-Line).

KIT Option 4CIRC Diffuser + Silicone Hose.  Kit includes a brass screw connector with a length of silicone hose and a Circular Diffuser

Individual components such as Adaptors, additional Loc-Line Segments, Diffusers, Rakes and Pliers for assembly can be purchased here:-

Individual Components



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