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Nimbus Tank & Coil Upgrade Kit

NOTE:  For the moment Nimbus Upgrade Kits cannot accept accessories such as extensions hoses or Loc-Line adaptors. 

But they do offer a larger capacity fluid tank and much greater smoke quantity and density over the standard  set-up.

As featured in main image opposite.

Nimbus Tank Kit is an easy-to-install upgrade for all MicroFoggers. Using the included tools, the standard fluid tank on the MicroFogger is removed and replaced with the Nimbus tank.  This allows the MF to be used with Hi-Output Nimbus heating coils capable of producing 1.5 – 2 x more smoke than standard MF coils.

The Nimbus Tank also holds 50% more liquid than the standard OEM MF tank; ie (3ml vs 2ml).

Follow upgrade instructions on video:-

Nimbus Tank Extension

The Nimbus plastic Extension allows for even greater fluid capacity ie increasing from 3 to 5ml.  NOTE: Requires the Nimbus Tank Upgrade Kit (see above).

Filling the Nimbus tank is easier due to the improved filling port (located on the end of the device); no need to disassemble the fluid tank to fill it.


Standard Replacement Coils

Pack of 5 spare standard MF heating coils for all versions of the MicroFogger smoke machines.


Nimbus Hi Output Coils

These coils will produce between 1.5 and 2x more smoke from the MF units when compared to standard coils.  They come in packs of 2.

NOTE: can only be used on MF units fitted with the Nimbus Tank Upgrade Kit (see above).


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