MicroFoggers MF3 ‘Lite’ & MF3 ‘Pro’



The incredible Microfogger 3 (MF3) is now available in two models.

MF3 Lites & MF3 Pros both in stock now!  

MF3 Lite

Fantastic, compact unit for small/med scale smoke production.  The main difference between the MF3 Lite and the former model, the MF2 is that the smoke output level from the MF3 Lite is fixed (see video below).  It does however make it much easier to operate as there is now simply one control button 🙂

It can produce a surprising amount of non-toxic smoke/fog at the press of a button and without any heat-up time.  Ideal smoke producer for use in situations where space is limited.

Recharged via USB and with the extended battery life, it can be used for an entire day of LEV Testing, filming or theatrical work without worrying about running out of power.

The MF3 Lite comes with a “Remote” control as an external  ‘plug-in dongle’ operated by a keyfob.

MF3 Pro (main picture)

The latest ‘Pro’ version from the MF3 stable features an integrated screen which displays power levels and allows you to access dozens of smoke settings, including variable smoke volume and rate and also autonomous operation – a particularly useful feature for SFX customers.

With the internal remote control operated by a keyfob, you’ll now be able to control the MF3 Pro even if there are several walls in the way.

Do check out the range of optional accessories available for the MF3 smoke machines; these include larger fluid reservoir tanks, heavier duty coils, Loc-Line adaptors, rakes, diffusers etc.

Coils, Tanks etc

Loc-Line Accessories etc

Rakes & Diffusers

Hose Attachments

Spare Fluids

Operating manual: MF3 Manual v1.10 (Jul21)

MF3 Start-up Video

NOTE: unfortunately at the moment we are not able to send to destinations outside UK due to restrictive import controls 🙁  We are working on it.

Also available in protective Instrument Case



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