MicroFogger – Loc-Line Accessories etc


MF Loc-Line® Accessories

Loc-Line is used not only as an articulated coolant delivery hose but also in the production of air, smoke and even in dust removal/vacuum applications.  Loc-Line is used extensively in machining industries, SFX, positioning cameras, lights etc.

We have a range of Loc-Line accessories suitable for integration with MicroFoggers.

Loc-Line Adaptor for MFs

This small attachment allows you to interface your MicroFogger with the Loc-Line range of modular hoses. This can be particularly useful if you need to have your smoke output at certain angle or position in space, as is often required in the airflow testing industry. The Loc-Line adapter has a built-in thread that allows you to easily screw it onto your MicroFogger.

Loc-Line Hose Segments

Sections of 1/4″ Loc-Line available in standard lengths of 150mm long (10 knuckle segments).

Multiple lengths can be added together (but we’d recommend the Loc-Line assembly tool below for attaching lengths together.

Loc-Line Assembly Tool/Pliers

Tool for assembling multiple lengths of (150mm x 1/4″) Loc-Line


Loc-Line Nozzle Kits


Fun assembly of 5 different Loc-Line compatible nozzles to permit a wide variety of options in smoke production (shape, quantity, direction etc)

Loc-Line Fishtail Nozzle

A specific nozzle to produce a flat smoke output.  Nozzle mouth is 30mm wide x 2mm high


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