P602 LEV Design Principles Training Course


This competence-based LEV training course follows the BOHS P602 LEV Basic Design Principles syllabus.

It is designed to provide the methodology, theoretical and basic practical knowledge to enable delegates to be able to design basic LEV systems which will control hazards.

It provides delegates with the basic skills to be able to specify LEV system, including calculating an appropriate Benchmark for correct hood selection, using Fletcher’s Nomogram for captor hood design, calculating system pressure losses and specifying an appropriate fan.

The course also covers the base requirements for LEV Commissioning, Examination and Testing and the preparation of suitable records.


After completion of the P602 training course delegates should be able to:

  • Demonstrate awareness of principles of good control practice and the role of LEV
  • Understand the importance of design considerations and the basic principles and main elements of an LEV system
  • Design basic LEV systems
  • Undertake Commissioning tests to determine if the system is effective and operating to design specification
  • Prepare suitable records of the basis of design.

For More Information and To BOOK a Course: OXYL8 P602

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