Hire Casella APEX – 5 x Low Flow Adaptors – For Tubes

From: £75.00

Kit contains 5 off Casella Low Flow adaptors/holders for Carbon/Tenax etc tubes used in vapour/gas sampling.  Heads come fitted with constant pressure fitting.

Also contains a DryCal primary calibrator (or equivalent), tube end cutting tool.

The DryCal DC-Lite offers a primary flow standard that can be used for accurate calibration of the air sampling pumps.  Displays flow rate, flow average with number of readings – and no messy soap film. This model is the DCL 20K (20ml/min to 20 LPM).

Follow this link to hire 5 x Casella APEX Sampling Pumps :- Casella APEX

Note:- Hirer is responsible for return carriage costs however a Pre-Paid Return Courier option is available (see below under ‘Returns’)

Note: The hire equipment does not include collection media (such as carbon tubes etc) or analysis of collected samples.  We can provide guidance on these items and labs for analysis if required.


  • Please carefully inspect equipment for missing items/damage on arrival.
  • If delivery case/packaging is damaged – do not accept from courier.
  • Report any issues prior to use.
  • Renter is responsible for return carriage.


This item – Available for hire to UK addresses only

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